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Friends Only Journal - Comment to be added


This journal is friends only. It would be really helpful if you were to state one or more things that we have in common or how you found this journal. Don't be shy, I'm always open to meeting new people. Please be in mind that all comments are screened. I will not add you if you don't comment to this entry, or unless we met somewhere else {ie. a friending meme, community,, or ect} I'm not picky when it comes to friends, I just like to know who I am adding, and who is reading my entries.

Status: adding // not adding

My Fanfictions can be found here @ {bubbly_fics }


~This is what you get....

My full name is Alexandrea, but I just go by Alex because it's easiest for people to remember. Feel free to call me by either name. I reside in the sunny confinements Florida. I have lived here my entire life, and although I complain about the heat and the random rain at the beginning of summer, I love it and couldn't see myself living anywhere else. I was born on July 14, 1992, which makes me seventeen years old at the moment. I'm in high school. I'll be a senior this school year, and I am very excited about that. I'm really inserted to see how life for me will be like after high school, because so far, school has always been my safe zone and although I am excited about attending college, I'm a little sad that my teen years will be over.

I'm a very random person, or as my real life friends say. And they know be better than anyone! I'm a very fun-loving kind of girl. I love life and the people around me. And although it get tough sometimes, I still keep moving because I know the outcome God as for me at the end will be worth while. I do have my opinions and stick with them, but that doesn't make me close-minded. I'm very perky for some reason, like I get excited about things, mostly fandoms and ships. I have many layers to myself. I'm not just one word, I'm a combination of words all mixed into one. I collect headbands. I have close to a hundred now. Blair Waldorf was my inspiration. I love music! I listen to just about anything, except rap now. I'm just not really into like I once was.

I have one older sister, her name is Sabrina. Three brothers: their names are Chuck, Antonio, and Xavier. I love my siblings, because they're always there for me, and I am the youngest of us all. I'm really close to them and can talk to them about any and everything.

I love writing! I aspire to be a famous author one day. I started off writing fanfictions and I still do, but as time moves on, I find myself writing stories that I've made up all on my own. When my first book/novel is published, I want to make the New York Times bestselling author's list. It doesn't matter where I place, just as long as my name is on the list. If I make number one then I'll be thrilled, but the number doesn't mean a thing to me, I just want to make it. Now all of this just means that I love books! Books are my life, basically, along with television and movies. My favorite authors consist of Sarah Dessen, Lisi Harrison, Jen Catolina, Stephanie Myer, and Meg Cabot. I try to read books that are similar to the things that I can relate to, but I'll also branch off and read books that are totally different.

Fandom wise, I am obber obsessed with One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights, and Supernatural. I am a fan of other shows but these are my faves. I am a really big shipper. My current obsession is Nathan/Haley, Nate/Jenny, and Chuck/Blair. They are my top three and probably will always be. My One Tree Hill obsession just may be the biggest obsession that I have. I literally dedicate half my life to this show. I love it, and with out it, I would never watch TV again.

I'm a High School Musical fan! The actors in the movie are also people that I love! I'm a huge Vanessa Hudgens fan, so if you don't like her, please don't bash when I post about her. I'm obsessed with Zanessa (Zac & Vanessa) I think that they are just the cutest couple ever!

I love all things Disney Channel, especially Sonny With a Chance. I went through a dry spell where I stopped watching the Disney Channel, but Sonny and the cast of So Random! made me regain my love for Disney Channel. I ship Chad/Sonny religiously! They are just too cute, and one of these days I will write a fanfic involving them.

I am a fan of the Twilight Saga. I know that some people don't like it and thinks it's stupid, but I love it. My favorite book from the saga is Breaking Dawn. I've read it a total of four times since purchasing it. WARNING: If you hate Twilight, then beware because I post about it very often. If you're not a fan, then that's alright, just please don't bash when I post about it. I love all things Edward/Bella, which means I am, TEAM EDWARD. I'm NOT Switzerland or any other thing. Edward/Bella are my main obsession, and all other parties trying to come between them can got to hell. If this bothers you, then I suggest you don't add me as a friend or learn to accept it. I have nothing against Jacob Black. The only time I actually liked him in the books were in New Moon and the third part of Breaking Dawn. I ship Jacob/Renesmee. My love for them blossomed because of a combination of the book and fanfictions. My favorite character(s) from the saga is Rosalie Hale and Jane. They are both fierce bitches. I also ship Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart. I think that they are just to adorable together. I am also obsessed with Jackson Rathbone. He is just too sexy for words.

Now after reading all of that, you tell me if you want to be friends with a crazy chick like me. HAHA!

~More about my fandoms.....

Favorite Books: The Clique, Just Listen, Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, Fault Line, Say Goodnight Grace, Seventeenth Summer, All American Girl, Ready or Not, The Princess Diaries, Secrets of My Hollywood Life, There's a Bat In Bunk Five, Remember Me to Harold Square, This Lullaby, The Truth About Forever, Twilight, Along for The Ride, Keeping The Moon, and many more.

Favorite Movies: The Little Mermaid, Mean Girls, The Notebook, High School Musical, Harriet The Spy, Fear, Just My Luck, House of Wax, Cruel Intentions, Titanic, Hairspray, Grease , Aquamarine, Annie, The Family Stone, Nancy Drew, Chicago, Crossroads, Legally Blond, Across the Universe, Becoming Jane, In The Land Of Woman.

TV Shows: One Tree Hill, The OC, Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, Ugly Betty,  Gossip Girl, 90210, South Of Nowhere, Private Practice, Glee, Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place.

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